Jaguar Land Rover project II

Following on from our previous post on the Jaguar Land Rover project, the completed Bird-hide and wildlife area (so kindly constructed for us by JLR's team of volunteers) was officially opened on 24th July 2014.

The honours were undertaken by Joe McNamara, Chair of the Group and Lean Manufacturing Manager at Jaguar Land Rover, who followed up the proceedings with an additional financial donation for bird-feeder seed. There will be some very heavy birds flying around the area soon as we rapidly develop into an avian fine-dining establishment!

Joe added his voice to the gratitude that we all felt for the dedicated JLR volunteer team's efforts to enhance the quality of life in our local community.

Additional thanks must also go to Signarama for donating the lovely full colour wildlife guides dotted about the area. These fantastic efforts and achievements will be put to good use both for our visitor and educational programmes.

Joe McNamara and some of the JLR Volunteers pictured by our new Bird-hide 
presenting members of the CBHG team with bird feed-fund finance!

The exterior of our fantastic new Bird-hide.

You will be able to spot them soon!

The birdie restaurant as viewed through a slot in our new hide.

Our newly planted wildlife garden-area.

...and again!

Whilst all the was fuss was going on, our Moorhens remained signally unimpressed!

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