Christmas Fun for 2014 Starts at Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens!

Christmas starts at Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens on Sunday 30th November 2014 with a great event for all the family. There will be a cornucopia of Christmas fun and festive frolics taking place in the splendour of our beautiful garden surroundings!

After much negotiation with his elvish agents, Santa Claus has agreed to take time out from his very busy schedule to meet and give early gifts to Children at his grotto! Come and say hello before he has to fly off!

Those feeling the bite of the cooler weather will be warmed by seasonal refreshments available at our cafe, where there will also be a traditional music and Christmas carol recital.

Staying with tradition, the Brummagem Mummers will be making their annual visit to the gardens to perform their Seasonal Mummer' play. This year they will be presenting a brand new production featuring Robin Hood. You read it here first!

Some favourite regular characters will still be featured, but in addition there will be new ones for you to get to know:

Robin Hood - our hero
Arthur - our villain (a bit of a wimp!)
Little John
A rather tipsy Maid Marian
A mysterious Warrior
Jolly Jack the Sailor (how did he end up in the forest?)
Some Merry Men
The good doctor (who is also a vet)
and finally, Dobbin the Horse!

As always you will be invited to cheer and boo the players (in more or less the right places!).

For those with an eye for a hand-crafted bargain, there will be stalls selling hand-made limited edition Christmas decorations and Jewellery. Any of these individually crafted items will grace any home, or make wonderful stocking-fillers. 

You can also take part in our tombola draw, and buy some of our festive holly to give your home a unique decorative touch this holiday season.

Full details of the event and our special holiday admission prices are available from our website events page


We're looking forward to celebrating the start of the happy holiday season with you!
We'll be posting up a sneak preview of some of the great hand crafted seasonal jewelry on our Twitter and Facebook sites very soon. There will also be a live Twitter feed from the event covering things as they go, and trying to persuade any last-minute waverers to come over and join in the fun. As for our prices, well you can get sixteen guests into our event for the average price of one adult and one child's admission to the Magical Journey, and they're not the only ones with bespoke designers!